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Please fulfill your promise

Dear God, I know you can listen me all the time. You promised me to make me marry to him but he got married to someone else. I don’t understand why did you make false promise to me. I was waiting for the day every moment but one day I came to know that he…

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demons are winning

Dear god, I can not do it alone. I surrender. I have every reason to win yet I can not. My mind needs clarity and my soul needs peace. My family needs daddy and honey and son. Please forgive me for my sins. I need your guidance and your love. The demons are winning. I…

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Dear God please restore Gary Heart’s full health

Dear God, about a week ago Gary Hart of the north west end of the metropolitan Phoenix. AZ area had a stroke. I believe he is about 52 years old. He has mostly healed but his eyesight which had improved in the hospital is deteriorating. My family, all my facebook friends are praying for his…

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Dear lord help me to be a better person. Give me the strength to save money


Dear lord Please give me the strength to get up early .hppe my boss stop picking on me .. Pray that my workers find a way to smooth things out .. We work together it should be about helping each other instead of hurting one anther

I need my own apartment

Dear god it’s hard for me to find an apartment .. Everything is very expensive . I get letters from low income telling me I make to much . How am I suppose to give my daughter a home . I get do discourage at times . I pray that something comes thorough ..

Dear God

Dear God. I won’t ask why you have given me these crosses. My sexual orientation, my mental health status, my academic record… I don’t know why I am going through all of this but I still give your name glory. My life has become a painful nightmare and I feel so lost. The only place…

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Restore My Relationship

Dear God, I’ve been praying to you for the last 3 months to restore my relationship. I’m lost and ask for your guidance. It took me a long time to realize that I love this woman more than anyone I’ve ever known. I had things I needed to work on about myself and now that…

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Dear god why do you hate most of mankind so much. Why do you break up families, why do you give children cancer, why do you force so much pain on the world? While at the same time you give the people who cheat,lie, steal, and bring misery to others a free pass? It seems…

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Dear Lord, Thank you so much for allowing me another birthday! Thank you for walking with me this past year. I know that it is because of your grace and love that I got through the year. Thank you so much for making my day so special, I was expecting nothing but recieved much love!…

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