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In Need Of Help

Please help out my family, We’ve tryed everything. We are running out of time.

please help me

I know you are so busy with the world falling apart.. women and children being murdered by isis, kidnappings, innocents, so much death and destruction in this world, I am so scared. And while i know you are so busy, i beg you to help me, help me have strength to go on, help me…

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Trying to today

Hi God I hate this feeling of hopeless. I feel selfish that my pain has caused me to feel so bad. life sentence is hard. hanging on but not long. healing possible? did you hear me this morning. Will this get better? Save Grace in jesus name amen

praying for a miracle hoping for a change

Dear God, It has been a wild ride for the past 10 years as you already know. First my husband retired from the Air Force after serving his country for 20 years. He retired and landed a job doing exactly what he had done serving in the Air Force. We moved 22 hours across the…

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Dear God, thank you for all the blessings there is in my life. for 17 years, i lived an amazing live filled with love and laughter and i am forever grateful for all the amazing people around me. I pray that everyone can receive the blessings i’ve had in their lives and also be happy…

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I need God

I need it for my daughter that she may surpass whatever is going on right now. May she live normally and healthy long life.. I need help to understand and learn to trust God . I’m badly need of support and undestanding to let God help me.

Guide her dear Loed

Dear Lord, My daughter needs your help. She has applied to audiology grad schools around the country. She has spent time and money interviewing at many universities but keep getting one denial letter after another. I fear she is losing her faith. She is very discouraged and feels that her college degree was a waste…Please…

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Diminish My Anger

Dear GOD, Please help me with my anger issues. They are spilling out all over. My sisters don’t understand and it makes me more angry. I know you are here with me and I wish I could feel your peace wash over me, but instead this anger inside me roars. It is the same issues…

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My unselfish prayer

Please lord comfort barb and her mom as she passes into your hands. help Kamran and Kelly heal. i enjoyed the bird playing in snow. Support my family as I struggle for guidance. keep my baby safe, happy and have long life no matter what happens to me. in jesus name Amen

my family back

Dear God, I am utterly beside myself at this point. I have lost two out of three kids. My oldest son left and moved ok n with his crappy. Father who doesn’t care about anything but the money values. Then my daughter has started to act insane and us In juvenile. Hall. I don’t know…

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