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Thank you!

Dear God, thank you for all you have given to me ( my wife and kids mainly). We have reached hard times and are greatful that you will be guiding us through these rough times. Please help to make sure that we stay as a family and that our love shall grow stronger then ever….

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help us

Dear God I have no idea why so much bad is happening to my family. Please help us. Please keep us together. Right now I am facing the hardest times I have ever had to face alone. I am losing my house I have no where to go with my kids. No one Will help…

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Dear God I am truly lost right now as my family and,I are losing,everything. Due to some legal issues my,oldest son has moved out of our home,and,in,with his father that he hasn’t been around his entire life. I am losing my home and have no where to go with the other three kids. Also my…

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Losing a sis

God I pray for Lissette. I think about Denise and feel so bad she is gone. I can’t imagine what Lissette is going through without her baby sis. I just pray that you comfort that family because their pain must be great. I hope that Lissette gives her life to you through this loss as…

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Dear God, I pray for my divorce that has been filed. I really do love my husband Joshua but he’s already engaged to another woman. I’ve given up on him but I believe in the power of prayer. Please speak to him and soften his heart towards you. Help him break free from the enemy’s…

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Broken and afraid

Please pray that God would heal me of my backslidding ways and heal my family from depression , anxiety, evil, and from the divorce and all the pain and trouble it has caused. I’m going through an extreme crisis and I am very afraid.

Thank you, God!

Dear God, Thank you for answering so quickly. Everything turned out beautifully once again.

heal my mother

Dear god, please help my mother get well. She has perianal ab cess which can develop into fistula. The doctor is overcharging us. I am in short of money. If nothing works out, me and my mother have to kill ourselves. Please help me.

Trying to make it all work

Dear God, I have worked so hard. You have seen it all I know. And as for Paul and Beth, my husband and daughter both with mental health issues and how I am trying to support them both and hold down a very responsible job that has required me to work extra hours and I…

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Please heal my mother

Dear God, My mother is ill as you know and she needs to heal.I need your healing energy so that she gets well and healthy. I need your blessing to do right by her and help her relieve pain. Please take away her pain. I visualize her to be happy and healthy. She is a…

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