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Dear God, My husband is out of work. We have moved to cut costs, but I really want to stay here a little longer and resume our old life as much as possible. Can you please get my husband a good job at least for a few more years until our son is finished school….

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I trust in you.

Dear God, Lately, I have asked and bugged you for huge miracles… I now leave it in your hands and trust that You know what’s best. Am sorry for troubling you for weeks now. Ps…if you find it in your heart, please control james from his unbelievable shopping habits. He needs Your help.

I don’t know

Dear Lord, I don’t know what to pray for or how to pray for it since I’m not hearing anything and nothing has turned around. As April 30 I will probably be homeless for the 2nd time in 2 years. I have applied to at least one job everyday for 7 months. I received my…

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Help me change

Dear God, Please help me change my gambling ways. I lost all my money and a I am begging you once again to help me. I am so sorry. I keep thinking I can win enough to give the money back to my parents that they put down on property they can’t sell. Please let…

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DEAR GOD. My time is running out. I am 62 years old and I am very sick, alone and not enough money to live on. I don’t have enough money to buy insulin or other meds. I am crying out in desperation for a financial and health miracle. I don’t want to die now.

Please help me to care for them

Dear God – I am lost. I am afraid. I am scared. I have been blessed with three beautiful children. My husband cheated and left me alone to raise our children. They are my entire world. It’s a struggle to put food on the table and a roof over our heads. I am alone. I…

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i believe.

Dear God, I believe in you. Please believe in me too. I will not give up on believing in miracles. I am earnestly asking and thanking you with such immense gratitude already. I now ask for your presence to help whatever doubt or disbelief that could hinder miracles from happening today. Fill me with joyous…

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please help me God

Dear God, I know I am not a good girl and I know I done thing that I shouldn’t have done. I do want to change my life around and do things that I want to do but my financial won’t let me do that. So my dear God, please let me win the money…

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Dear God help me help myself!

Dear God, I want strength so that I can achieve my goals. I want to be a balanced and good human being. I want to be kind in my thoughts about myself and those around. Please help me succeed and the best person I can be. Thank you God.

Dear God

I thank you for the roof over our heads, meals on the table. But alas, i need your help, we are trying to sell our house as we now only have one income and that does not cover the bond, please help us to sell the house so we may invest in a smaller place…

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