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Thank you for keeping me alive, God.

Dear God. It’s me again. Thank you for the woman who gave me an envelope of money as a random act of kindness the other day. Lord, I am really troubled today because of the amount of money in my bank account, the impatience and angst I felt at my job and the overwhelming sense…

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With hope…

Dear heavenly father, in Jesus name I pray, for strength and endurance to push forward and find the ethical path I desire in my practice. Please assure my safety amongst the next team I work with. Please assist me to be a prospering professional, allowing me to show your spirit and light in the cares…

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Please please

I can’t take this day to day worrying anymore. Please God help us get through these challenges and let us not worry.

Help my husband, our family

Dear God, my husband and I have a judgement lien on our home. The person who placed the lien lied in court. We were unable to defend ourselves and my husband owes thousands of dollars. We’re working with a lawyer to help us but we need everyone’s prayers to please let the attorney and the…

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I Need You

Dear Father, I come to you this evening to tell you I LOVE You. Your an awesome god. Daily you’ve loved me for me…and you’v e proven your endless LOVE for ME. Lord, I’m needing help financially…I need a great job that can supplement my income, while I attend school for Nursing. A job with…

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I need to work with honest people

Please God, in you I believe and let us prosper. You know the evil of others. It is obvious and sickening, especially from people who are in the career of being caregivers….The ill’s of greed. Please deliver me from this and keep me safe. Assure my steps. Allow me to lead and prosper. I beg…

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God is the only one

Please help me with my loneliness ,spiritually,phisically, Mental ,financially


Feeling Like I’ve Been Defeated

Dear God, I’ve taken many risks to help create a better life for my family and have failed over the last couple of years. I have a wonderful family and friends and I thank you so much for that. God, I need your help and guidance more than ever as I have put myself and…

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I’m Broken & Empty

Dear God, Please help me. I’m depressed, hopeless, empty, and I don’t like the person I am. I’ve lost the confidence that I had and I feel as if I’m never going to find true love or success. My family and I are in need of financial help. Please help me. I’m naive. I’m heart broken. I’ve been betrayed…

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