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Help me Forgive

Dear Lord: I forgive Premiere Dermatology and Cosmetic Department at Panzier and Rose R. for burning me with IPL and leaving me with a scarred face. I also forgive their denial and refusal to help me. I wish them nothing but the best in life for them.Happiness towards all of them. I pray they do…

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Bad Day

Dear God, I did bad today. My words put a friend in conflict. I yelled at my boss. Worst of all I laughed at a friend and made her feel stupid. Will you forgive me ’cause I can’t feel it?


Dear God, I know that I am unworthy of your forgiveness, but I’m asking you for it anyway. Please give me a second chance dear lord, help me to be a better person, to open my heart to you and redeem myself for all the wrongs I’ve done by you. Fill me with hope dear…

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From Someone Who Doesn’t Deserve It

Dear God, I am a person who has been blessed with an 18 year marriage and a teenage daughter. It is because of my wife and best friend who pulled me back to you from way back when. Since I departed you back then, I did a great deal of sinful things. And even though…

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Thank You God for Everything

Dear God, Thank You for loving me so much, even when I do not deserve that. Forgive me Lord, come back to me again God. I can’t live without You. I want to cry all day in your Love. Shower on me, my family, my sis your eternal blessings, love,mercy,courage,happiness,health,soul & spirit,healing touch,faith, thoughts, action…

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need guidance and strength

Lord, I have sinned, I need your strenght, love, and strength. I ask for forgiveness, and the wisdom, too stop.

Please forgive me

Forgive me for not trusting you. Forgive me for doubting your perfect plan. Forgive me for being terrified and devastated and saddened by your path for my life. Please teach me and guide me through this. And if it be Your will, please change this path You have placed me on, because I am too…

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Dear god. Help me.just help me!!!but most of all help the ones that I hurt,help them them through the tough and dark times I have tht lost sheep who can’t find the flock.i am not sure I can broken,I’m flawed,I’m afraid.please help

God, please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear God, I am so sorry for all my sins. Please forgive my lying, stealing, adulterer thinking, gambling.. my list is so long. Please God, I am in so much trouble. I don’t know how to go on. I don’t know if I am going to make it. But I cannot die. I owe so…

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Last confession

Dear God, My fiancĂ© has left me and moved to Texas.i have lost her and lost all hope.i am struggling to see the point of staying here on this earth.i don’t want this pain anymore and I think the comfort of death would be a welcomed release now.i am in a dark place and nobody…

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