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Dear God I Need You

I have never felt so lost and alone. Please help me find inner peace and happiness. Help me let go of trying to please others. Help me love myself again. I have beaten myself up more often than I should. I’m not perfect, help me know that’s lovable.

I can barely handle this hurt..

Dear God, i am at a loss.. …please meet us tonight…Iam trying to see you and be faithful and hopeful but all the hurt and everything that goes along with it isnt subsiding… It starts with saddness and questions and turns to anger and than more hurt and tears and i am left feeling gutted…

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What do I do?

Dear Father What would you like me to do with my handwritten prayers? Do I up my dosage of medicine to heal? I am thinking about trying it today. Let me know so i understand that is you. Amen

A home and a life

Dear Father in Heaven, You know my struggles over my lifetime. I need to know where I should be. After reading some Bible verses the other day I have this deep need to find a place of my own. I feel very unwelcome where I am at the present moment. I think my staying here…

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So you know..

Dear God, I prayed before, asking for a healing miracle. Honestly, I still want that but I thought it also best to thank you, just for some things. These past couples day’s the weather has been great, nice and cool. I’ve made a few new friends who I’ve been talking to a lot. My two…

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Dear God, I am sinking further and further into the abyss of confusion, frustration and hopelessness. This is not me and not what you have called upon my life. I need direction, a sign, a whisper, an illuminated path so that I can find my way back into your grace. I’m disconnected and desperately seeing…

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I know everything will work out.

Dear God, I am worried about my mother-in-law. She is such a good person and has always sacrificed for her family. Please bless her now that she is facing hard decisions, please surround her with your peace help her to find that one special place where she will be safe and happy. Thank you, God.

Speak to me Lord

Dear God Thank you for loving me and prospering me. I never thought I would graduate but I did and you gave me a good job. You blessed me with three beautiful children and a wife who loves me despite my shortcomings. Lord Jesus I pray that you heal my children of their breathing problems…

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I ask for aid.

Dear God, Lately some things have been going on, things in which I cannot turn to anyone else for help to. I’m trying to stay strong and tell myself that you have a plan for me and will take care of me, but it gets hard sometimes. Sometimes I feel like I’m on the verge…

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Thank you

Dear God, I came to you one and a half years ago or so. I struggled, I cried, I suffered and I tried. That was the key, I prayed and loved and focus on your love. I kept trying. Life is not a win or lose game. It’s a continuum. I have a job where…

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