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Help Me Father

Dear God: I am serious pickle and I am still hurting. I am gonna wait for guidance planning to cancel appmt with PS next wk. I am too scared to make things worse. now I believe that I can not be helped. doubtful about juve. though could improve the mess just enough i could function….

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Hey God. I don’t ask you for much. I really don’t. And you’ve kind of let me down lately. But please, please, please, just let him live. It’s unfair. He just needs to survive. Thanks.



Dear God. I come to you in Jesus name for some help. The docs say there is no hope for healing and it will just get worse as time goes on and therapists say they can not help me feel better and to accept life is going to be this way a daily traumatic struggle….

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Dear God please help us to find peace in our lives. Help us with our anxiety and our health Thank you

Me again

Dear God Thank you for delois. Good person really. Thank you for Kelly, kam and Sharon. At lost as what to do? IPL damage has been beat me down. Having trouble in the morning still. Do not want to get out bed deal with this anymore. Clearly I have burnt ,my friend andp family says…

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Please god help me with my problem

God please I am begging you to help me get my appeal fixed, my life depends on it. Please god I am at my end and am begging for mercy.

Me Agian Crying gently this morning

Hi God You have given me so many blessings, my mistake/sin has ruined me Dec 2013. I get some hope of healing and loose it. I prayed for swift release after my husband sells our house and baby is christian. I pray my husband can take good care of our baby if my prayer is…

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Help me

Dear God, I want to be happy again. The abdominal pains are bad today but I do not care. This weekend i could see how bad my situation is. Please help me. heal me and help my knees not to buckle when i see my scars. loosing hope, hanging on barely for my daughter. please…

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Serenity Now

Hi Lord It me again. help My friend Melissa with Her finances. Bless Delois with joy from her grandson plz help me. With the Serenity Prayer. My family wants me to move on from IPl burns It is hard to see damage, think it is there forever. I asked humbly for a miracle and hope…

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Hear me Lord

Dear God The Father, I am praying for your healing touch tonight. Lord heal my broken body and ease my pain, worries and fears. God, help me to be strong for my family and let my love for them be comforting for them. In Jesus’ name I pray- Amen. Thank you Jesus.

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