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Dear God I tried not to Cry today

Dear God: Thank you for Delois’ compassion. please let have a beautiful weekend with her grandson. I tried to play with my baby and ignore my IPl damage. I tried so Very hard not to cry today. Please let the investigation stop others from getting hurt. I only made it to 1:18 pm and crying…

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plz god do not forget me

God hear your child crying and I am hurting heal me. In jesus name amen

Me Again God

Hi God I know I have been praying constantly, I am probably getting to be annoying. please others who are praying on this sites, many are hurting too. please heal Mike, brittney, becky, kathy, Kamran, Johnny, Sharon, paula, Kelly. thank you for Delois and Jerri. Comfort chuck at his dad’s funeral today. i need more…

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Father I had a lil more hope today. plz heal and fill my holes and soul. still rubbing plz in the name of jesus I pray

Dear God Me Again

Father, I come to you in Jesus Name Thank you for the kind words of Kelly and Delois. Please heal Kelly, Sharon, Karman and Johnny. Help chuck and his step mom through these difficult times. Please get rid of laser and IPl devices. Thank you for the lotion and chap stick. Still getting gut aches…

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please Dear God, help me to have positive thoughts and to heal my head, Amen to

Me Again God

Hi Lord Cried at lunch time today and took my accutane. I see no change in my burnt skin. My holes are so noticeable. Please heal my skin. I am in the wilderness send the spirit to with your servant. End my test . Too hard for me. I am need hope. Forgive me for…

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God help me hang on. I like a miracle too.

Thank you healing my baby of her cold and give Chuck comfort for his father’s recent passing. Sorry I still feel selfish, with my pain Thank you for Mary Ellen, Delois and Randy’s kind words. I rubbed too hard yesterday, the holes are bigger. I have a bad tummy ache from the accutane this morning….

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May I ask for a miracle?

Dear God, I currently have a health issue that I cannot afford to pay to get fixed. It keeps me from getting a proper job and has made me rather antisocial. Is it wrong for me to ask for a miracle? Some healing? I am at my wits end with this and can really use…

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Help Me Father

Sigh Listening no answer Crying again today. My baby notice today. Help Me Father, In jesus name i pray Amen

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