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Manifest a relationship

Dear God, Please provide me with a relationship full of love and trust where I love his family and he loves my family and we both love each other, complement each other, respect each other, trust each other and our friends. Please be my partner to manifest such a relationship. Please make sure that we…

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Dear God, I love you with all of my heart. Please let my period start soon. There is no real reason why I should be worried, but I am because I’m late. Please ease my fears and let my period start today. I love you. Our Lady Queen of Heaven, Pray for me.

It’s all about me and everything

Dear God, it’s me again, I need your help. this months i got a day off for like 3-4 months. Please don’t let them know about every meeting between me and him. I love him so much, and I guess I’m going to plan a holiday with him. It’s going to be our biggest and…

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Just want to thank My best friend, Savior, Brother, King and God all in one.

Yo!! I don’t know if you will ever read this, or do you even have a computer there in heaven. But i came to write this not to ask for anything. Nope, I won’t ask for health, a nice relationship, wealth, guidance or anything like that. I just want to thank you. Well, we’ve known…

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Dear God

I hate these feelings that I am feeling towards this guy I just met. We’ve been only talking a few weeks and all of a sudden my heart wants him to be the one. I barely even know much about him. It feels like home when I speak to him. I honestly just want to…

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My life my wife

Dear God it’s me again. First of all my faith has taken a BIG Hit. I’m separated from my wife who I love VERY much. I have prayers for both her and. I . I don’t have a job, I’m at a shelter. Please god soften hear heart, so that we can talk and not…

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My life is in Ruin

Dear God, I was slashed with problem hurdles and difficulties in life my Job was and is still lost, my marriage is stopped (All because of my sins)and I have lost my heart about my life, Now I don’t see any light at the end. I am jobless and I don’t love any job or…

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My best friend is missing!

Dear God, first of all I want to give you the thanks for another day. For having good health, and a roof under my head. Please take care of all those people that are struggling. In conclusion, I beesech you that my best friend is ok. That nothing bad has happened to him. He means…

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Broken Heart

Dear Lord, I want to stop this horrible pain. My husband left me and then I found out he had an affair and may still be. I feel like he is stringing me along. I want my marriage to be restored, but only if you feel it will be in our best interests. I feel…

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Feel loved

Dear God, Thank you for all you have given me. My kids and my wife are my complete world. Continue to bless and guide my family and help us in our time of need. God….. Somtime I wish my wife would let me know that she Truly does love me. I know she does but…

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