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A wifes love.

Dear God, I know I’m being selfish with this prayer, but I need you. My wife loves me with lout a doubt in my mind. I wish that she would tell me more often without me saying it first. I need her to have more affection towards me. I have a want for her that…

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Help Me Let Go

Dear God, You gave me a great friend who was there for me when I felt like I hit rock bottom. I will forever be grateful he was there for me. When we grew to love each other, I tried everything I could to make the right choices. When I wasn’t ready, he waited for…

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Dear God, Thank you for the many wonderful blessings that I have received. For these past years, I have been selfish and unappreciative of the blessings that surrounded me. Thank you for waking me and making me see them again in awe. Please bless my family and friends. I love you, God. Amen.


Dear God I’ve lost just about everything you have given me, my girlfriend, a car for the both of us, our own roof over our heads and jobs that we love… now I hAve none of these things and I pray to you please help me get through this misery and sadness of losing the…

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I am a failure

Dear God, I do not want much. I only wish to be happy. Fear and anxiety have taken control of me. I don’t have a job, my parents are disappointed in me, my parents are not agreeing to my relationship with my boyfriend because he is not well off. You have completely overlooked me dear…

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A prayer for my tired darling man

Dear God, I know you give each of us only the luggage of pain and sadness and suffering that we are able to bear. If I am carrying this hardship now, it is because I can get through it.. I love him so much. Please help him find his ground in life easier to stand…

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Restore my relationship

Dear God, It has been 10 months since my fiancee left me, I love her more than I have any other. she felt I didn’t put her first all the time and she was right, I didnt. now she is with someone else who is leading her away from the true God. she has gotten…

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Please fulfill your promise

Dear God, I know you can listen me all the time. You promised me to make me marry to him but he got married to someone else. I don’t understand why did you make false promise to me. I was waiting for the day every moment but one day I came to know that he…

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Restore My Relationship

Dear God, I’ve been praying to you for the last 3 months to restore my relationship. I’m lost and ask for your guidance. It took me a long time to realize that I love this woman more than anyone I’ve ever known. I had things I needed to work on about myself and now that…

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god I’m losing hope

Hey god its hopless I’m getting nothing right the girl I truly love is gone. I don’t understand.iv lost the fight. I have been stupid,Lord how much I miss her that everyday without her seems everyday forever. Im lost I’m angry with myself I don’t know what iv done ppl all who know me…

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