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I’m feeling hopeless.

Dear God, I thank you for the door you have opened to me with the opportunity for a job that I have prayed upon finding, based upon my education. I pray to you for strength & encouragement in able to keep it. I feel so stressed at work for everyone in my field has a…

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Dear Lord, Please help me find relief from anxiety and stress. I have a boss that is a bully and she is trying to ruin all the things that I have worked so hard to achieve. Please allow me to find a job where I am appreciated and I enjoy being. I need help, I…

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Dear lord Please give me the strength to get up early .hppe my boss stop picking on me .. Pray that my workers find a way to smooth things out .. We work together it should be about helping each other instead of hurting one anther

Help with new job

Dear God, Thank you for helping me get a new job and starting a new career. Please be with me as I struggle to retain the large amount of information coming my way and to work on building relationships. I trust that you are guiding my steps each day.

I know you’re there

Tonight i i was feeling bad anout my life, my past and my future. I realized it is grace that has kept me in my job for 4 years and that grace is you. Thank you. I am alone completely but i know that i am loved hecause i have God and it is amazing…

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Dear God, my MacBook isn’t working

I know this seems dumb, but please help my MacBook startup. I need it to work! I didn’t know the update would mess up my computer, and it seems it has Please intervene here! Help it start up! I’ll run a backup and then everything will be fine! Please please please.

layed off may lose all your gifts

Dear God, Oh sovereign Lord, all that I have are gifts from you. I know it is all yours and you gave them to me as a steward. I gave them to my wife for her needs and pleasure, yet all are yours in ownership. You give and you take away for your glory and…

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Prayer for Peace

Dear God, I praise your holy name. Thank you for your son Jesus. Through Jesus I know my sins are forgiven. Please forgive me for my sin. Thank you for your unending mercy. Father, I come before you burdened about my career. Please destroy any strongholds on my practice. I ask that I get a…

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Tuhan tolonglah baca :

Tuhan, terima kasih atas segala bimbingan dan berkat-Mu selama ini, sekarang ini adalah masa-masa sulit saya. Pertama, saya harus melakukan banyak ujian yang saya kurang menguasai bahannya, saya merasa sudah bisa namun ketika diujikan, saya malah tidak bisa. Semoga saya dapat membanggakan ayah saya sehingga ayah saya dapat bangga kepada saya, sekali ini saja. Semoga…

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Finally Heard

Dear God, I thank you this morning for the gift of life. I thank you that you heard my prayer.i finally got an interview after 6 months of waiting. I pray that you me guide my ways, give me wisdom and help me pass this interview in Jesus name. For I will use it to…

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