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Oil prices

Dear God, please let the price of oil stabilize. I know you may have another agenda, but it will help me maintain my new job and way of living. I am looking to get married and need this to survive. thank you. Lindsey.

You know the wishes of my heart even when I don’t

Dear Lord Jesus, I have been trying to put into words the things that lie heavily on my heart these past days. I know when I look at my life, I am actually blessed, but you know the situation with my husband’s job and the stress we are under not knowing if he will still…

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Need a Miracle

Dear God, In Jesus name I pray…..first thanking you for the trials that help me grow and give me insight to my flaws and my desire to better follow and lead and love. Please , help me acquire the position I want, love and desire. Bring me to the right organization , the right team…

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Hear Me Lord

Dear God, I come before you with near tears in my eyes a heavy heart, full of love faith and believe in your holy name. Please help me and hear me o father i have been out of work for a while know and had the greatest pleasure raising my daughter through the help of…

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A future of giving

Dear God, I praise you and thank you for your protection, your love, your giving of my eyes to see the things I needed to change in order to live fully in faith. In a world gone mad with untruths and selfishness, I stand before you in love and beg for mercy and grace in…

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Prayers: The Desperate & Needy

Dear God, I had this teacher a long time ago who I could not stand.  She was so mean, yet she taught me so much.  She told me one day in 6th grade that if you truly want something from God, you must come last.  She said “If you want God to listen to you, ask him…

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