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Help Me Father

Dear God:
I am serious pickle and I am still hurting.
I am gonna wait for guidance planning to cancel appmt with PS next wk.
I am too scared to make things worse. now I believe that I can not be helped.
doubtful about juve. though could improve the mess just enough i could function.
i make my family hurt by having them depress about my situation.
i tried to find you daily, i am not sure I gonna last much longer.
you have giving many blessing and screwed everything all up.
i barely make it through each day.
the course of my life is altered and i lack self -confidence to your work.
I am shriveling up dying, go ahead call me home.
i am ready
take care of grace.
plz make it quick.
ipl has made soul sick , physically sick,spiritually sick, sick .
the dizziness is now getting ridiculous.
I scared my hubby with sadness.
regrets plz take this burdern.
one mistake one time and i ruined myself and my life.
i am not living anymore.
where are you?
what do i do about mandy’s request. honor it.
waste of time?
plz all RS plp struggling this same problem.
this is something that you can get over alone. you need something better than you .
drs can not help.
IN almighty Jesus Christ name please help me.
this is too hard.
leave my love behind.


Prayer published on May 13, 2015 , by an anonymous person

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