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It’s all about me and everything

Dear God,
it’s me again, I need your help. this months i got a day off for like 3-4 months. Please don’t let them know about every meeting between me and him. I love him so much, and I guess I’m going to plan a holiday with him. It’s going to be our biggest and happiest day ever! please bless us so they won’t know, make them believe me that I will go with my BFF and make them not to think that I’m going with him. Like I said before and like you’ve known before. I never feel happy every time I spent my day with them. and they’re going to take me to Japan for lebaran holiday. Please I don’t wanna go to Japan with them, just made them cancel the plan to take me to japan with them and just made them go to Japan by themselves, please… I’m beggin. I’ve been praying for this to be real, I believe in you and I just need your help…I don’t know what to do. I’ve prayed everyday and I’ve been wrote my pray via online too. Please God, help me…..

Your Daughter


Prayer published on April 29, 2015 , by an anonymous person

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