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Dear God.
I come to you in Jesus name for some help. The docs say there is no hope for healing and it will just get worse as time goes on and therapists say they can not help me feel better and to accept life is going to be this way a daily traumatic struggle.
I humbly beg for healing I am not worthy of, and asked for help with my unbelief Oh lord. Through you every thing is possible. Please give me that mustard seed of faith I need to move this obstacle. Please take these burdens and help through another day of this lifetime struggle. It hurts so much in my soul and heart. Forgive me father, I need you. My thoughts have grown dark and heavy and need your truth and light to get through this. Please do not forget me lord. Amen

heal and faith and grace and comfort

Prayer published on May 6, 2015 , by an anonymous person

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