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Me again

Dear God
Thank you for delois. Good person really.
Thank you for Kelly, kam and Sharon.
At lost as what to do?
IPL damage has been beat me down.
Having trouble in the morning still.
Do not want to get out bed deal with this anymore.
Clearly I have burnt ,my friend andp family says not that bad.
I read the bible and prayed hard inthe chapel.
Loosing hope, faith ,strength.
I know other dealing with more I am sorry I am so pa the tic.
I have begged for a realease from this.
Healing heart my holes and soul. They are broken.
Truly I think I can not handle this.
In the name almighty Jesus Christ I asked for forgiveness for weakened and healing of skin, heart and soul.
I do not beleive a soul should hurt as bad this.
I made mistake Lord , help me.

Me again

Prayer published on April 29, 2015 , by an anonymous person

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