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Me Again God

please give Chuck and Lorraine and the Hersey Family comfort as go through these trying times.
Provide travel mercies to my small prayer group.
Thank Karen attempt to include me.
Give Marietta strength she needs as her husband strength fails.
Help those desperately need a job find one. (Ruthanna Louisa, Cory and Zach)
Please give Kelly comfort as her pain is so similar I know how bad she hurts on the inside to know you are not yourself on the outside.
We hurt in the same way and have the same regrets.

You know my pain all too well.
Forgive me sins.
You know what I have thinking, I am sorry.
Loosing hope and Faith.
Help me believe again and love myself .
Sorry I running out of hope of healing and feeling stuck.
Please lord, everyday seems to be getting harder.
I made a sin that impact my family and my poor baby
I have been wondering if i do her any favors in this condition.
Earth has not been fun since this happen to me a year and four months.
She deserves a better mother
Who did not make a selfish sin. has selfish pain and selfish hopes.
I want to try fix it, which all probably another sin.
Jesus ask your father to help me and understand how earthy suffering is hard on the soul.
Starting to…..
Forgive me father
Want a release from this situation.
Hurting inside

guidance comfort forgiveness and healing sorry requesting them all

Prayer published on April 22, 2015 , by an anonymous person

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