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Oh dear god


I just woke up in a panic (it’s 4 frickin’ AM, people) and had to rush to my computer to check something RIGHT AWAY.

Namely, whether I’d forgotten about my brother’s wedding anniversary.

Dear god, when did I turn into such a girl?

Reasons I shouldn’t have worried:

a) My brother wouldn’t care
b) He’d probably have mentioned it
c) I haven’t even spoken to him in a couple of months.  Not that we’re ‘not talking’, just neither of us have bothered to pick up the phone
d) I’m a man, and therefore meant to forget these things.

Reasons I was right to worry:

a) I’m kind of scared of my sister-in-law
b) What, you need more?
c) Fine, because when I go to the christening of my niece it would be better if there were no frosty silences icing up the font.

I should probably go back to bed now.

Prayer published on August 10, 2009 , by an anonymous person

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