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My holy ghost is Sad

Dear God I would like strength to do what I have to do for as long as you will have me do it. I surrender and am ready to go whenever- tomorrow or another 40 years. I have asked for a healing for 1.5 years and I think my skin is worse. You have bestowed…

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Help me Forgive

Dear Lord: I forgive Premiere Dermatology and Cosmetic Department at Panzier and Rose R. for burning me with IPL and leaving me with a scarred face. I also forgive their denial and refusal to help me. I wish them nothing but the best in life for them.Happiness towards all of them. I pray they do…

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My finances are a mess

Dear God, Ever since I started working 15 years ago, I have never saved a single dime. My finances are a mess and I am in debt up to my ears. I have even absconded from other debts, ruined my credit and being pursued by credit chasers.I admit that I am terrible at planning or…

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Where are you?

Dear God, I have cried out to you countless times for deliverance, I have read and quoted your holy scriptures, I have come before you lost, perplexed and in tears, I have admitted to you that I am defeated and unable to save myself. Yet I have not seen or heard a word from you….

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Dear God, I can’t take another year like this. Please help me find some direction in my life. Yours in adrift.


Dear God, I love you with all of my heart. Please let my period start soon. There is no real reason why I should be worried, but I am because I’m late. Please ease my fears and let my period start today. I love you. Our Lady Queen of Heaven, Pray for me.


Dear God please help us to find peace in our lives. Help us with our anxiety and our health Thank you

Need Better Job

Dear God, I need a better job and better steady pay. Please guide me to the path you want me to follow. Always grateful Amen

please help me

I know you are so busy with the world falling apart.. women and children being murdered by isis, kidnappings, innocents, so much death and destruction in this world, I am so scared. And while i know you are so busy, i beg you to help me, help me have strength to go on, help me…

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Trying to today

Hi God I hate this feeling of hopeless. I feel selfish that my pain has caused me to feel so bad. life sentence is hard. hanging on but not long. healing possible? did you hear me this morning. Will this get better? Save Grace in jesus name amen

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