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Oh dear Lord I just saw my soulmate

donttakeitpersonally: I went to CVS to print out some pictures for my cousin and there he was. sigh. He was tall ish. He had crystal blue eyes (=D), shaggy yet cute dark dark brown hair, black cut offs aka br00tal pants, a grey v-neck (probably American Apparel), and some grungy ugly vans. @_@ that’s basically…

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Oh dear Lord the internet is soooo sloooow here

wooliebear: It’s like dial-up.

Dear Lord,

letsplaysamantics: I have an episode of True Blood waiting for me on my DVR! Good bye, boring Monday. Hello, sex and vampires!

Dear Lord;

lovehopes: I promise I try not to hate, but some people make that very, very difficult.

dear lord

beautiful-dirty-rich: im awful at guitar hero its unbeliavble i thought i was doing quite well but then my fingers got tired ahahah

Why me lord?

chronic-dissatisfaction: Dear God, Seriously i just want some sex. What have i done to not deserve sex?! You know once college starts again i wont be having sex ro kissing or anything cuz i’m a fucking nun =[. But now that i’m here with him on vacation i deserve to have sex ALL DAY EVeRYDAY. ok…

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Dear God

franklinskies: Ang lakas mo mang-trip no?Pero thank you, ha. :>

Dear God,

rayannknows: If you really do exist, please bare me the strength to not kill my sister. She just said, “U ain’t cn me yet.” via text message. This honestly hurts me to read. I know I don’t always use the best grammar, but this is fucking ridiculous!I don’t know if she does it to piss…

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Dear god babe.

daniellamb: Dat Ass.

Dear God,

compassionisthekey: thank you                                                                           Love,                                                                                -Ricky

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