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Me Again and Again and Again

Dear Lord I come to you in Jesus name, I have been loosing hope and faith . No path seems clear. I prayed via internet, handwritten prayer and verbally, so I must be doing something wrong. I sorry do not pray eloquent as rest of the people. I feel that my healing is not coming…

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My unselfish prayer

Please lord comfort barb and her mom as she passes into your hands. help Kamran and Kelly heal. i enjoyed the bird playing in snow. Support my family as I struggle for guidance. keep my baby safe, happy and have long life no matter what happens to me. in jesus name Amen

Please help me be patient

Dear God, I come to you today in need of your help, i am so impatient and i constantly feel like i’m running out of time, i need to improve my life. Father please help me be patient and wait for your will and timing. I know that with you nothing is impossible and that…

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my family back

Dear God, I am utterly beside myself at this point. I have lost two out of three kids. My oldest son left and moved ok n with his crappy. Father who doesn’t care about anything but the money values. Then my daughter has started to act insane and us In juvenile. Hall. I don’t know…

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me again

Dear God Sunshine was pretty today. My baby is so cuddlely. Forgive me for wanting to go home. I just want curl up in ball and never move again. I have not recognize myself since the ipl damage appeared. I am not seeing a way out. The damage is getting worse, since off accutane I…

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Help me

Dear God, I want to be happy again. The abdominal pains are bad today but I do not care. This weekend i could see how bad my situation is. Please help me. heal me and help my knees not to buckle when i see my scars. loosing hope, hanging on barely for my daughter. please…

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Dear God all my life I have been hurting

Dear God my life has been always hurting and disappointing I work hard to try and be a good person practice your word but never find any fullfulment instead disappointed please Lor show me the purpose of my leaving above all grant me the inner peace

Oh my Lord!

Dear God, it’s me again. this Saturday is going to be a big day for me and for him. Please help me so I can go with me without any known from them. Please don’t let them know that I will go with him this Saturday. I can’t wait to spend another day with him….

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dear god

Dear God, I Need you now! I am lost and I am weak and I am giving up on myself. I’m tired of being in the same situation. I always pray but nothing seems to happen. My faith is wavering, and while even though my faith is wavering I still trust you and know that…

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courage and power

i pray lord that one day you grant me the power i ask for to cross from death to life. to be released from this prison i have created and embrace the light and become your child. i believe in you but in need your power. i have none ony own.

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