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please help me

I know you are so busy with the world falling apart.. women and children being murdered by isis, kidnappings, innocents, so much death and destruction in this world, I am so scared. And while i know you are so busy, i beg you to help me, help me have strength to go on, help me find happiness, help me not worry so much, help me have faith in you, help me beleive that you stand behind every circumstance, help me to feel safe, feel calm, and feel that you are holding me through this life. Help me be a better person, a better wife, a better mother, but most of all, help my children, help them find their happiness, help them to have faith, help them to believe in you. Help E, soothe her soul and help her concieve and have lots of healthy children, i cant bare to see the tears, I cant bare the pain, help them all, bless us, my family, please, please please


Prayer published on April 30, 2015 , by an anonymous person

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