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Please help me be patient

Dear God,
I come to you today in need of your help, i am so impatient and i constantly feel like i’m running out of time, i need to improve my life. Father please help me be patient and wait for your will and timing. I know that with you nothing is impossible and that you love me too much to watch me fail and suffer. Please help me remember that you O God know what is best for me better than i do, i am your child please do not forget me, please continue to change my heart so that i can be completely dependent on you. You are so great Father, i don’t even know where to begin to explain how great you are. I know of your greatness Lord because i have witnessed your love in so many different occasions, when i look back i don’t know how i went through some of the days you have blessed me with, days where i felt overwhelmed by certain situations and hardships i had to face, but because you are great O God i understand how i made it to this day. Father i’m still a student, I’m trying to improve my life, i am looking for employment, i want to make a life for myself and not be a burden to my family, my mother is in and out of hospital so she is no longer capable of providing for me, my relationships are not going well. Sometimes i feel like i am cursed and that nothing is meant to work out right in my life, but i also have some hope and faith left that Father you exist and you are watching over my life and making plans for my future as i pray to you right now. I ask that you lay your merciful and healing hands upon my mother’s body and heal her Father. I pray and ask all of this in Jesus’ name Amen!


Prayer published on April 20, 2015 , by an anonymous person

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