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Please help me God

Dear God

Please help me.  I feel so frightened and alone.  I am exhausted and empty from fear and worry.  I have tried all sorts of self-help books, tapes and affirmations, but I feel more lost and hopeless than ever.

I have hurt Robin so much.  I have not hurt him deliberately but out of my own fear, insecurities and desperation. He is the best thing that I have ever had in my life.  Please open his heart to forgive me and I will be the kind of person he deserves from this day forward.

 I am so ashamed of myself.  Shame is the strongest emotion I feel. 

Please help me God.  I have noone or nowhere else to turn.  Please help me.  I know there is nothing I can do to try to earn or convince You.  I write this hoping you will show me your Divine Mercy.

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Prayer published on August 31, 2011 , by an anonymous person

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