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Dear God,
It has been a wild ride for the past 10 years as you already know. First my husband retired from the Air Force after serving his country for 20 years. He retired and landed a job doing exactly what he had done serving in the Air Force. We moved 22 hours across the United States. Our children were 2 and 3 at the time. We thought we had made a great decision. We searched and searched for a home to call our own and finally stumbled on a home that was under construction. we decided that we would take the plunge and purchase the home. It seemed perfect 10 minutes away from my husbands work and after his previous commutes it seemed like a great choice. I enrolled the children in preschool immediately before we even were finished building the home. I wanted to immerse myself in the community and it was such a huge disappointment. I have never lived in a rural community before and tried to introduce myself to the other mom’s at preschool and invited them to playgroups and even put an ad in the news flyer at the preschool and no one wanted to get together. One mom even told me one time I have to see if other mom’s want to hang with you before I can say yes or no. I was slowly spiraling into what felt like a severe sadness and that we had made the wrong choice.
Time moved forward we moved into our home and I kept praying that someone would be my friend. I met one person who made it possible for me to find my way out of bed and became a great friend. Her children were my childrens age and all seemed ok for a while then I realized that she had so many issues. She disliked her husband and was constantly fighting with him. And then constantly called me complaining about her life I was always depressed and had to step back.
Then when my daughter was in kindergarten my husband fell on the ice and broke his leg in 5 places. This was his second break in 5 years he broke his other leg 5 years before so I knew what to expect. When I was in the ER with my husband the doctor that was called in was a spine doctor. I knew what we had been through before and when he explained what he was going to do I said I think you need to rethink this. He told me I was not able to tell him what to do he knew what he was doing. Well 6 weeks later I was right. He told my husband he had messed up and was giving his case to another doctor. When the other doctor saw him he told him they would have to re-break his leg and reinsert the rod. Now rehab was a long road again and he was in a wheel chair for several months. I took care of two children and carried a wheel chair up and down the garage stairs for the whole time. I did not complain I just took over everything from maintaining the 3 acres our house sits on. It was tough to keep family life going but I managed. When he healed I then realized my daughter was suffering from something we could not figure what was happening with her. Her neck would begin to swell for no apparent reason and then water would pour out of her ear. To this day she has permanent bruising on her neck and after years of traveling from physician to physician we were able to pinpoint her problem it was an allergy to metal. She had had brace put on her teeth due to an injury where she climbed on the counter top not too long after we moved in and knocked her teeth into her gums and it had caused her to have to have braces. Our doctor suggested that we have the metal removed and low and behold it solved the problem. She now wears invislines and can only wear real gold or silver. Then my son who is a year younger than her is on the wrestling team and breaks his femur bone when he is 8 and spends 3 years on crutches and physical therapy. It was rough once again. All the while this was going on we also had a neighbor who we discovered to be a peeping tom. He and another neighbor had built a house together and when the new neighbor moved in he began watching her. I would notice a light in the woods at night and it would flash on and off then on again it turned out that he was flashing his light on the ground and then cutting it off just to see where he was walking. I set up a video camera and caught him in the act and when I trusted our local Sheriff’s department with this they lost the tape.
This man began to target me and my family when he realized we knew what he was doing. He would swerve his vehicle at my children when they were walking and remember my son was on crutches. He ran me off the road on many occasions. I reported him and filed a no trespassing order against him which is still in effect today.
After hiring a dirty lawyer and etc.. he finally put his house for sale and moved. His little boy who was 6 when they moved walked up to my husband and said his daddy was sorry for what he had done to everyone and that is why they were moving. Wow is what we said! And another neighbor heard it so he was not the only one to hear this confession from his child. They have moved and someone new lives in their home and the first question that then new people asked, What was up with the former neighbor. The doors in the bedrooms all had the locks reversed so as if someone was going to be loved in. There were video cameras on every angle in the house.
He is still in the same county and has started to drive by our house on a daily basis several times a day. I can not say anything because we live on a through street. So all I can do is hope and pray that he will not endanger my family or anyone elses again.
My children spent several months in therapy from this .
In all of this I think I have managed to maintain my sanity even though it has been tough. Our problem is this with all the medical bills and running here and there it seems like every time we start to get ahead we get behind financially . I am asking everyone who reads this far to please pray for my family that we can get our bills caught up and be able to move forward with our lives. God blesss each and every person. And Lord please hear my prayer.

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Prayer published on April 27, 2015 , by an anonymous person

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