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Hey God. I don’t ask you for much. I really don’t. And you’ve kind of let me down lately. But please, please, please, just let him live. It’s unfair. He just needs to survive. Thanks.

please help me

I know you are so busy with the world falling apart.. women and children being murdered by isis, kidnappings, innocents, so much death and destruction in this world, I am so scared. And while i know you are so busy, i beg you to help me, help me have strength to go on, help me…

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Me again

What do I do God? How do I get through this? I am tired of dealing with this? help my baby, if I can not do this any longer. I am sorry

It’s all about me and everything

Dear God, it’s me again, I need your help. this months i got a day off for like 3-4 months. Please don’t let them know about every meeting between me and him. I love him so much, and I guess I’m going to plan a holiday with him. It’s going to be our biggest and…

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Please god help me with my problem

God please I am begging you to help me get my appeal fixed, my life depends on it. Please god I am at my end and am begging for mercy.

Me Again God

It is me again prayer all day. Feel like i pray more than I live where are you? very weary Help

my family back

Dear God, I am utterly beside myself at this point. I have lost two out of three kids. My oldest son left and moved ok n with his crappy. Father who doesn’t care about anything but the money values. Then my daughter has started to act insane and us In juvenile. Hall. I don’t know…

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Oh my Lord!

Dear God, it’s me again. this Saturday is going to be a big day for me and for him. Please help me so I can go with me without any known from them. Please don’t let them know that I will go with him this Saturday. I can’t wait to spend another day with him….

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Serenity Now

Hi Lord It me again. help My friend Melissa with Her finances. Bless Delois with joy from her grandson plz help me. With the Serenity Prayer. My family wants me to move on from IPl burns It is hard to see damage, think it is there forever. I asked humbly for a miracle and hope…

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So you know..

Dear God, I prayed before, asking for a healing miracle. Honestly, I still want that but I thought it also best to thank you, just for some things. These past couples day’s the weather has been great, nice and cool. I’ve made a few new friends who I’ve been talking to a lot. My two…

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