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Dear God why don’t you want me to have a good job ?

Dear God, how many next right choices can I make ? Why do you not want me to have a job using the gift that you gave me ? How will I support my family ? For so many years I continue to try to trust you to do what’s best for me but just…

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Dear God, My husband is out of work. We have moved to cut costs, but I really want to stay here a little longer and resume our old life as much as possible. Can you please get my husband a good job at least for a few more years until our son is finished school….

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Trying to make it all work

Dear God, I have worked so hard. You have seen it all I know. And as for Paul and Beth, my husband and daughter both with mental health issues and how I am trying to support them both and hold down a very responsible job that has required me to work extra hours and I…

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layed off may lose all your gifts

Dear God, Oh sovereign Lord, all that I have are gifts from you. I know it is all yours and you gave them to me as a steward. I gave them to my wife for her needs and pleasure, yet all are yours in ownership. You give and you take away for your glory and…

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The Last One

Dear God, Your love is desperately needed. I know your heart is aching for your child but I don’t know if he knows. He needs far more healing than I can give. He needs You as his Comforter, to know You are there. I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like to walk in…

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Oil prices

Dear God, please let the price of oil stabilize. I know you may have another agenda, but it will help me maintain my new job and way of living. I am looking to get married and need this to survive. thank you. Lindsey.

At the end of my rope…

Dear God, You know that I am in a place of fear and hurting. I seem to be always behind in life, I have lost my second job in three months and have no one to blame but my self. Rent is due and I dont wanna ask for more help from friends and family. I…

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What do I do?

Dear God, I am scared and don’t know what to do. I have no job and just enough money for another months rent. I’ve had no luck getting an offer for work. My friend Phil is moving to California for a job and has offered to pay my way out there and help me find…

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