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Where are you?

Dear God,
I have cried out to you countless times for deliverance, I have read and quoted your holy scriptures, I have come before you lost, perplexed and in tears, I have admitted to you that I am defeated and unable to save myself. Yet I have not seen or heard a word from you. I admit I may not be a good listener and you might long have answered me but I did not perceive your still, small voice. The truth is that I still feel lost confused, depressed and defeated. How much I crave your direction and your peace. Where are you? I am seeking you with all my heart and your word says if I do I shall find you, yet all I’m doing is stumbling around in the dark.
Give me a sign that you have heard me and reveal to me even a tiny glimpse of the grand plan I believe you have for me. When you speak, even if you won’t write it out in capital letters across the sky, do not let me miss your voice. Let me hear you loud and clear.

Where are you?

Your Lost One,

Where are you?

Prayer published on May 5, 2015 , by an anonymous person

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