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Forgiveness & Guidance

Dear God, I don’t remember when I last spoke to you. I was young…Dad still preached your word and the world wasn’t so grey. Things were black and white then…right or wrong. I find myself lost and in need of guidance. And while I feel selfish for being so asking in my first prayer in…

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He Took Advantage

Dear God, Forgive me, for I have been a tragically naive person and I have sinned. Some time ago, I started seeing a young man who is very ambitious, successful and handsome. I did this against the advice of several mutual acquaintances, who told me that he was not the person he seemed. I chose…

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Help This Community

Dear God, In our small community, there is a man that has achieved great psychic abilities.  Unfortunately, he does not have you in his heart and he has used these gifts for ill means.  He has misinterpreted these gifts given to him as being of equal power to you, Lord.  He even brags that he…

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