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Need a Job That Pays a Living Wage

Please help me find a job that pays a living wage. I can’t pay my bills with a minimum wage job. Please help employers change from paying the least they can get away with, to paying their employees a good wage so that they could support themselves. The world needs this change now. Thank you.

Need help

Dear Allah, Please help me and my husband. Please help us get out of our bad financial situation and help us clear the debt we are drowning in. Both of us are really depressed and trying to remain sane. It’s hard to transition from being in good financial standing to horribly in debt in just…

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debt free, please…

Dear God, You have given me everything Lord, that I have needed, and many times have wanted. The only thing I ask for now is no longer to have the debt that has haunted me all of my adult life. I want to be able to buy a home, where my daughter can play outside…

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My finances are a mess

Dear God, Ever since I started working 15 years ago, I have never saved a single dime. My finances are a mess and I am in debt up to my ears. I have even absconded from other debts, ruined my credit and being pursued by credit chasers.I admit that I am terrible at planning or…

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the opportunity to give back to others

Dear Lord, I have been blessed by having help to get on my feet from a series of downfalls by some very kind and generous people. They are now having a little financial crisis and need some help. I don’t have the funds to help and I really need to get something to give them…

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Dear God

Dear God Jehovah, I am really miserable with my health and my financial Life. I need your intervention. Deliver me from all this debts, sickness HIV. My last born son is a drunkard need deliverance.

Worldly Transgressions

dear lord please forgive my worldly transgressions and humanly shortcomings. I have let my family down and now may lose our first and only home. I can only hope that one day they can forgive me and my short comings and that I can forgive myself. No matter how hard I work everyday its just…

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financial help urgent

Lord thank ou for all the blessings and for everything i have now. Lord you know my life, i would say am humble to say am blessed compare to others but still need your help to live peacefully and worry with my financiaL obligation. Lord please help me to pay all my loan obligation that…

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Please help me be patient

Dear God, I come to you today in need of your help, i am so impatient and i constantly feel like i’m running out of time, i need to improve my life. Father please help me be patient and wait for your will and timing. I know that with you nothing is impossible and that…

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Guidance and strength

Dear god I am Blessed with three healthy boys in my life i work 6 days a week 9-6 to support them. My husband is there to care for them and take them to school and pick them up our youngest is almost one. You already know all of that but I’m here today to…

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