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My finances are a mess

Dear God,
Ever since I started working 15 years ago, I have never saved a single dime. My finances are a mess and I am in debt up to my ears. I have even absconded from other debts, ruined my credit and being pursued by credit chasers.I admit that I am terrible at planning or budgeting, I spend before I save and most of my expenditure is on alcohol. Every cent that touches my hands seems to sieve through like sand and any financial opportunities that come my way seem to fail or fall through as if I am cursed or sabotaged never to succeed financially.Forgive me for being such a terrible steward, break this terrible curse and cycle of financial defeat that has a vice-like grip upon my life and let me discover financial freedom and prosperity as promised in your word.
Save me Lord. Let my debts go away and all my loans be paid. You paid the debt due to our sins freely through the blood of your precious Son, Jesus. Help me pay my worldly debts too and learn to live as would want me to live.

Tired of Being Broke and in Debt.

Tired of being broke and in debt

Prayer published on May 5, 2015 , by an anonymous person

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