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Just want to thank My best friend, Savior, Brother, King and God all in one.


I don’t know if you will ever read this, or do you even have a computer there in heaven. But i came to write this not to ask for anything. Nope, I won’t ask for health, a nice relationship, wealth, guidance or anything like that. I just want to thank you. Well, we’ve known each other for quite some time now. I don’t know when that was, but I do know that that it was raining that time. Yup, it’s quite a downpour. You probably think that I have a bad memory because the sky was clear that day. Haha, I know. It was a clear and cold night. It was not the raindrops that were racing in the roof, but instead the downpour is clearly pasted on my cheeks. I was crying at that time. Hugging myself and crying to sleep, just like I always do every night. My father was clearly drunk as usual. He always was. I was laying curled on my hard and moist bed. Staring at the emptiness, an emptiness that is clearly a mirror of my very heart. Then I started to question my very existence, why am I born? why did this happen to me? why do i have to suffer? why can’t i have a normal life just like everybody else? why do i smile even though i’m dying inside? Questions that kept on drilling my head every single night. Then just like a bullet, calmness suddenly enveloped me. My sniffing and sobbing slowly came to a stop. I had no idea why it stopped. It was like peace came to me in that small tattered room. At that time I had no idea. Then realization struck me like a lightning from the clouds. You were there. A warm feeling is playing in my heart. At that time, nothing else matters, nope, my problems are all forgotten. Even the loud snore of my dead drunk father was drowned. It was a rare thing to happen, but alas, after many days I slept with a smile.

Haha, it was a long time ago right my lord? My first encounter with you. Well, I can’t tell if it’s just me, or my childish imagination, but at that day I found you. After that I started living with a smile, though there were still days when I would shrink and cry. I enjoyed life, and never let problems drown me. I am really grateful, i just can’t imagine you consoling me. Just who am I? A kid just like many others. But here you are, smiling and offering your hand to support me on my struggles.

So, I won’t ask for anything. Because I know that all will be well. I’m not here to tell you about my problems and my disappointments. I’m not here to instruct you to do this, and do that, change this, or change that. I’m not writing this to boast that I am religious. I’m not here for myself. My Lord, Bestfriend, Brother, Savior and God, I’m here to tell you, that my life is beautiful. I’m here to tell you that you are the best. That even if I breath my last, i will still be smiling. And simply, I’m here to tell you what I always want to tell you. Two words, eight letters and a space. Thank you.

Amen. 🙂

eight letters and a spaceTwo words

Prayer published on April 28, 2015 , by an anonymous person

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