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Need help

Dear Allah, Please help me and my husband. Please help us get out of our bad financial situation and help us clear the debt we are drowning in. Both of us are really depressed and trying to remain sane. It’s hard to transition from being in good financial standing to horribly in debt in just…

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I don’t know

Dear Lord, I don’t know what to pray for or how to pray for it since I’m not hearing anything and nothing has turned around. As April 30 I will probably be homeless for the 2nd time in 2 years. I have applied to at least one job everyday for 7 months. I received my…

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Please help change my life GOD

Dear GOD, due to unfair situations and the wrong people in my life for the past 15 years, I am suffering greatly. I am alone, no friends or loved ones to trust or lean on. I am have been unemployed for a long time now because I don’t have the insane qualifications that employers demand…

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My enemies have defeated me, please save me, God!

Dear LORD, I have been struggling my whole life. I always work hard and try my best to succeed. But bad people and unfair things always prevent me from moving forward and accomplishing anything. My own family has sabotaged my life for their own bias. People I considered friends used me and abandoned me. And…

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Guidance and hope

Dear God, We are drowning in debt and can’t seem to catch our breath. My husband has lost hope that we will ever be financially self sufficient. PleaseFather help us. Give my husband hope. Help our children learn from our mistakes, so they don’t end up in financial trouble like us. Thank you Lord for…

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