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Dear God all my life I have been hurting

Dear God my life has been always hurting and disappointing I work hard to try and be a good person practice your word but never find any fullfulment instead disappointed please Lor show me the purpose of my leaving above all grant me the inner peace

Oh my Lord!

Dear God, it’s me again. this Saturday is going to be a big day for me and for him. Please help me so I can go with me without any known from them. Please don’t let them know that I will go with him this Saturday. I can’t wait to spend another day with him….

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Help Me Forgive

Dear God, my husband who is in the Military is now engaged to one of his fellow classmates and we’re STILL legally married. They live together overseas and go to church together every Sunday. Help me in this confusion, Lord. Help me not be angry and put my trust in you that you, Lord will…

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For my ex husband

Dear God, I pray for my soon to be ex husband Al. I pray that one day, he’ll find salvation in you and fully surrender his life to you. I pray that one day, he’ll become the father he needs to be to our daughter. I pray that one day we can be civil and…

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My life, my wife

Dear God, Please help me!!! I have lost my faith I’m angry . I feel you are not listening. I feel I am not the man of God I once am fighting for my marriage, I have hurt my wife deeply, by not talking , depression, not being able to keep a job. We…

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my marriage, my husband

Dear God, I put Kenny in your hands and pray that he submit himself entirely to you. Help us get back to attending church and soften his heart to your way and your calling. I pray that you give me strength to be the example he needs to inquire more about you. Help him forgive…

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Please Lord Hear My Prayer

Dear God Please hear my prayer. Please lord let the girl that I love wan to be with me. To share our lives. To share our love & to be together in an honest open trusting relationship. Please God let her feel that same way about me as I do about her. Thank you God…

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My Life!

Dear God, Thank you for everything you have given me. I ask of you many things and many things will continued to be continued to be asked Grove asked of. God, I ask that you will comfort and show me that Everything with my wife and I will be great together for our lives and…

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God, I love my wife so very much. At times I think I love her to much, just can’t get enough of her. All I wNt is for her to learn to love me with an affectionate side. Sometimes just a simple “I Love You” makes all the difference. Please God, I can’t do this…

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Thanks, wife

Lord, thank you for all you have given me. My kids and my wife. Friends and family. Please continue to give my wife and I the wisdom and guidance we need to keep the marriage strong.

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