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My holy ghost is Sad

Dear God
I would like strength to do what I have to do for as long as you will have me do it. I surrender and am ready to go whenever- tomorrow or another 40 years. I have asked for a healing for 1.5 years and I think my skin is worse. You have bestowed many blessings on me and help me for that 40 some odd years. I am so grateful. It has wonderful life.
I am sorry to keep asked for healing, but my ipl holes and lines bother me .Forgive me for my mistake. HELP. If a healing is not in your will then please give me the strength and guidance to get through this mess. The part of you inside of me is sad and in pain. Please use whatever means necessary to strengthen my spirit.
I am not whole. I am letting go of the pain, which means dim lights and avoidance bathroom areas if bright lights are there. My IPl holes/burns do cause my knees to buckle and stomach to churn when i see them. My existence is hard, this way. I try to remember i am not important just those around me who need help. You only care about the inner me but the flesh is weak and earth is hard and outer me lives on earth for now.
If I could asked just a bit of self-esteem to have my joy back after this incident i would appreciate it.
Do I try accutane again? give up and trying to fix it. Live with it?
As you know Kelly, Kamran, sharon, kathy, jaylyn, Janney 44, MER112, mandy 12, left 0x and paula are going through the same thing for the same reason. comfort , heal and guide them,too.
they continue to fight against the damage. Is that what you want us to do?
It is a pain that is that explainable to loose yourself (your soul and heart). Most plp mistakes are tattooed to your face but mine are.
I have always been the strong one, that keeps the family, work, and childcare together, now i reduce to nothing but whimpering spirit in the dark. Oh lord hear my cry plea for mercy. Please nourish my soul and put me back in a condition that allows me to do your work.
Please let me know what work i am suppose do and what you would have me do.
There is only You and You are all and everything that I am.
Please have pity on me and bestow me some mercies, and give me grace.
HELP and heal me if it is your will.
Comfort my family & friends as their concern for me grows.
Forgive my many sins.
Please I pray for fellow Christians and brothers ans sisters in Christ who are being persecuted for their faith and need freedom to talk with lord. For i surely know life can not be live without JC. The only relief is JC.
Please make sure my baby has a long happy life.
In almighty lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth I pray for glory of your kingdomand humbly beg for these mercies.


Prayer published on May 5, 2015 , by an anonymous person

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