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Serenity Now

Hi Lord
It me again.
help My friend Melissa with Her finances.
Bless Delois with joy from her grandson

plz help me.
With the Serenity Prayer.
My family wants me to move on from IPl burns
It is hard to see damage, think it is there forever.
I asked humbly for a miracle and hope for healing as my skin is still shedding.
This problem has made me too weary.
i ma begging for hugs and my mom afraid to give them to me bc i might cry.

if it is not too much too ask heal my microholes,
I hate how this has impacted me so.

help me walk in faith as this test has been more than I can stand.

guidance, self acceptance from this mistake would help me.

Plz stop other form getting hurt
I have done all i can do, but as you earth has not been up for truth from meek but only powerful.
By his stripes I am healed.
The small amounts of healing I have had i appreciate.
After seeing Fay, I realize what terrible mistake i made going to that clinic was.
How do I accept this mess and move on.

Desperately in need of compassion, understanding, healing and justice.
interrupt again.
Is it you?

help me


Prayer published on April 17, 2015 , by an anonymous person

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