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jenniferanne: Jesus help me to see me the way you see me, as a beautiful daughter of the King that is loved unconditionally no matter her faults.  ever since i can remember i have been very pessimistic and had a pretty low self-esteem and lately (i think maybe because of what happened at school) it…

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Death, Health and Prayers

girlonaboat: It’s been a while since I last prayed, however, I found myself having the urge to put my iPod down and kneel beside my bed to pray last night. My family and I attended the funeral of my Granduncle that morning and before I fell asleep I ended up remembering how much my Grandaunt,…

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chi-townboi: oh dear god

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walkinchrist: Dear Heavenly Father, Thank You for your Words to us in the book of Proverbs, the wonderful book of wisdom. Lord, help us to learn from this book, and avoid the things that are not good, which You have shown us through these verses. Lord, deliver me from any laziness and slothful habits that…

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Dear God,

ghur: selfish as it may sound, but I WANT HIM. I think I deserve someone right now.

franklinskies: (via shuffledkisses)

youarethesea: I’m about to cry and go to church. Dear Lord, forgive me for these disturbing photos Liz has brought upon my eyes. I am still an innocent soul. Amen.

Daily prayer

rinammm: Dear Lord, help me to build on a firm foundation, learning to diligently seek Your direction in all I do.

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